December 30, 2021

In early July I got the idea of trying to see if I could take one photo per day for at least 200 days. The rules are simple, one photo per day, it doesn’t have to be a great photo, just something taken during the day. Tomorrow I will have been doing this for 6 months, which is almost certainly a personal record, but I’m not at number 200 yet.

Some days it has been really difficult to get a photo, other days I’ve wanted to post several photos (but rules are rules). Anyway, it’s fun to look back and see what I’ve been doing each day. Here are a few examples

Day 9 - The most important part of the roof is done

Day 37 - They are trying to figure out what I’m doing.

Day 72 - Making coffee

Day 129 - First jutsu camp since 2019

Day 163 - Visiting southern Sweden

Day 169 - Graduation for kids

Day 180 - Umeå bus station

In the middle of January I will reach number 200 and then I need to decide if I should continue doing this or stop. Go here if you want to see the photos I’ve taken during these 6 months.

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