April 19, 2021

I first noticed this sofa in July last year. I found it” right beside the road, close to a power station, while it wasn’t in mint condition it certainly didn’t look too bad. I could easily see this in a first apartment for someone (unless a cat have peed on it). But I can’t really understand why someone just dumped it here instead of taking it to the recycling station … people!!

In October it was still there but now it started look a bit … sad. Melting snow doesn’t really improve the state of furniture left outside like this.

Today, I passed it once more and now it’s not a sofa anymore. My guess to what happened is that when it started to snow for real in January it was covered in snow, then they needed to remove the snow on the parking lot, and they used a tractor to do that. And this is the result.

sofa soffa

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