Todays theme: Sporg. I have no idea what a sporg is. After some research (i.e. using DuckDuckGo) I decided that a sporg must be some kind creature. So I decided to spend my lunch walk trying to hunt down a sporg.

Did I see a sporg running between the trees?

I’m sure that I saw one among the tress, although my research says that it could be an almost invisible creature.

Frozen sporg pee???

Could it be a sporg crossing, or a warning to sporgs crossing the road?

I think I heard a sporg over there (although I have no idea of how they sound)

See, right there, isn’t that a sporg??

Could this be a sporg in white winter camouflage?

Another sporg crossing?

Could these be sporg nests?

A sporg castle?

OK, here we have a sporg running over the field … unfortunately it has a very good camouflage so you can’t see it.

February 12, 2021