Our cats can go in and out as they want but today they decided to stay mostly inside. I can’t say that I blame them, the weather today isn’t fun. Unfortunately, the temperature is above 0 so the snow is slushy and it’s raining a bit. I dislike this kind of weather … and it looks like the kittens have the same opinion.

So what have they done today? Not much, they have mostly been sleeping.

Agnes and Tove

Tove also spent some time bird watching, I suspect that she mainly consider the birds to be food or at least prey. She was very skeptical about the roe deer that showed up to get some seeds.

Tove and the roe deer

Agnes is a bit more laid back and she spent most of the day sleeping. She actually looked a bit upset when I managed to wake her up.


Yes, they have been outside but just for a few minutes. In other words they have behaved like cats 😋

agnes cats tove

November 21, 2020