I’ve been out to another teaching teachers to program” teaching day, this time in Vilhelmina. I get more and more depressed (and angry) each time I meet teachers and start discussing their work situation. Note: this isn’t something specific for Vilhelmina, I hear the same thing for every teacher I meet and from all over Sweden.

They all have a horrible situation where they are basically expected to work full time and then learn new required stuff on their spare time. So they can get some time off but no pay … for something they are required and have to learn. It’s sooooo shortsighted by the people in charge of education in different regions, they intentionally force people to work until they run into the wall” and then those in charge complain that it’s so difficult to find teachers with the proper license” … they should be grateful that they manage to work as long as they did.

I’m quite surprised that there are people who want to work as teachers.


February 14, 2019