What I’ve learned about lenses so far

  • When photographing indoor sports you really want the fastest possible lens you can afford (and a camera that can handle high ISO). I’m using a 24-70/2.8 and a 70-200/2.8 - if possible I also like to use a flash.
  • For portraits I like something in the 90-150mm range, I use a 90mm/2.8 and the zooms above. And a couple of flashes when there isn’t good natural light.
  • For travel, as light as possible - in most cases you want to go with a zoom that can go wide. I don’t have any wider than 24mm but I’m really interested in getting something as wide as 14 or 16 mm. But having a fast lens isn’t that important. Also a mini tripod like the Manfrotto Pixi.
  • For conferences and similar events, fastest possible lenses you can afford. You also need something wide and also a tele … in other words, the same lenses as for indoor sports. And a camera with a quite shutter.
  • Flowers. A macro lens, I like the 90mm range. Also, photo stacking is great … and a sturdy tripod !!!
  • For daily carry. Something like a 24-70 zoom on a small camera.
  • For walking around and challenge yourself, a 24mm or 40mm or something similar.
  • For nature, a wide lens and probably also a huge zoom if you want to take photos of animals.

August 25, 2018