This is an honest question: Why should I use Drafts and for what?

Let me explain, I’ve owned Drafts since I first heard of it, several years ago and despite that I find the idea of Drafts interesting I don’t actually use it. I see people commenting how useful Drafts is and that they can automate stuff, that they can text to various apps/services, etc.

My problem is that I don’t understand why I should write a tweet in Drafts when I can write it directly in my twitter client, why create a reminder in Drafts instead of directly in my task manager, etc etc.

I think I’m missing something about Drafts, please help me understand.

Or could it simply be that I don’t write that much on my iPhone/iPad (doing most of my writing in BBEdit on my Mac), and for some reason I haven’t found much to automate?

February 14, 2018